five things: 4 dec to 10 dec 2017

Best travel outfit ever, annual Tom Cruise gift, my mom is a G, and millennial purchase 1 and 2.

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five things: 27 nov to 3 dec 2017

The debut of Five Things!* The most interesting conversation I had this week; writing; hugging; my fave feel-good story; and what I’m bringing back my bosses from Paris.

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thanks for the feedback

I finally received the mark-up of the proposal language I submitted last week for my first official project, and it was replete with deletions/additions/moved sentences and comments. Forreal, it looked like a crayon box exploded on the page. The major comment was that I had done great work and that the quality of my writing did not need to be edited in any way; nonetheless, there appear to be quite a few changes. I was super grateful for the feedback, and it brought to mind a recent conversation that my boss and I had about critique.

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