Writing an About page seems like I’m about to list off a CV, and in that case, I’d just as soon direct you to my LinkedIn page, but here goes.

  • Vegan athlete. I’ve been full vegan since March 2016 and 80% vegan since 2007.
  • Sort of fast runner. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2016! And I am a USATF Masters All-American in distance running.
  • Reader. We have a 2-bedroom house, and one of the rooms is devoted to this. So yeah, I like to read.
  • Traveler. We don’t have kids, so we stay traveling. My favorite place is Paris, and I’ve been 7-8 times? But the most memorable trip was our trip to Cuba.
  • Sports enthusiast. I’ve called into ESPN radio several times and even won a call of the day contest.
  • Oxford comma fan. Try me on this. I have the support of the law.


  • Raisins in food.
  • Indiscriminate hugging.
  • Flying economy.

The blog is named after halo-halo, which means “mix-mix” in Tagalog, and is the quintessential Filipino dessert. The dessert — like the blog — is representative of all the stuff I’m into. So if you’re into buffets, you’ll dig this blog.